Outdoor Weathering – ASTM D1435

Weatherability and corrosion data are necessary for the selection of new materials and the improvement of existing materials. Outdoor weathering is widely used to confirm or validate results of accelerated testing.  Outdoor exposure, like indoor accelerated exposure is used to test the weathering durability of materials.  The forces that cause product deterioration vary greatly from place to place throughout the world.  However, Florida has become an international benchmark for natural outdoor weathering.

Florida has high intensity sunlight, high year-round temperatures, high annual rainfall and high humidity.  When combined, these factors create the harsh climate that makes Florida the ideal location for testing exterior durability.  Because they provide something of a “worst case” scenario, Florida weather conditions typically produce faster deterioration than the weather in more northern locations.  This is the reason that most companies prefer testing in Florida to other locations.

PPT’s facility is located at 270 N latitude, making its location ideal for outdoor testing.  In addition, Saint Petersburg’s mid Florida location produces just the right balance of dew and rain which has be proven to be factors in polymer deterioration.

Exact exposure techniques and test protocols are detailed in standard test methods published by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the International Standards Organization (ISO) and other technical organizations.  All PPT tests are performed to the appropriate recognized industry standard.